Here is a look at the software businesses and products created by Kranitz Enterprises since 1996.


Eventsquid has been powering events of all types since 2012.  Because we serve so many different industries with widely varying levels of expertise in event management, our software has evolved into a powerful, but simple-to-operate suite of tools that make quick work of simple and complex events.  Have a look in the features section of our site to get an idea.  We also price our product so you don't have to worry about the number of events, number of users, number of registrants or which features you want to use.  EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED in a flat fee that you can budget around.  


Eventsquid powers a network of dedicated sports and hobby sites, including,,,, and others.

Here are videos that show off some of our sites:

Fitsquid powers crossfit, bodybuilding, strongman and other fitness events.

Golf Channel personality and PGA Pro, David Duval shares his experience with golf tournaments and

The most advanced technology in the bodybuilding industry!

RC Pilot Magazine

RC Pilot transformed the RC industry's expectations of what a magazine should truly deliver in the digital age.  The magazine featured Bruce Jenner on its first full issue and explored the personalities and businesses behind the radio control hobby.  One issue featured and in-depth interview with then 93-year old Col. Robert Thacker, who unknowingly flew his unarmed B-17 (along with others) into the teeth of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.


Michael Kranitz founded Kaango in 2005 to provide newspapers, community Websites, and other media Websites with a syndicated software platform to integrate print and online classifieds across markets. Kaango grew to more than 300 newspapers nationwide. In 2007, Hearst Corporation and MediaNews Group acquired a majority share of Kaango. Kranitz served as CEO until March 2010, when he sold his remaining interest.

RC Universe was established in 2001 and became the largest and most active community on the Web for radio control hobbyists. In Novemember 2007, Hearst Corporation and MediaNews Group acquired RCUniverse and its sister company Kaango (see below). KEI reacquired RCUniverse in February 2010 and sold it to Internet Brands (NASDAQ: INET) in August, 2010.

DRIVEOFF.COM was founded in 1999 by Michael Kranitz, who was VP of Auto Technology for Navidec (NASDAQ:NVDC) at the time. DriveOff's business model became the first of its kind in the United States to permit a non-dealer to legally sell and lease automobiles directly from the internet. DriveOff was acquired by Microsoft and Ford in 2000. It became integrated with Microsoft's Carpoint (which is now MSN Autos).

Look Before You Lease




LeaseWizard® Lease & Loan Software and the book Look Before You Lease: Secrets to Smart Vehicle Leasing were first published in 1996. Since then, more than 20,000 copies sold and both the book and software continued to be recommended and cited in major magazines, newspapers and websites for many years. Microsoft acquired both the book and software but only the book is available on Amazon.

LeaseWizard Software

Developed in 1996 by Kranitz, LeaseWizard became consumers' go-to software for calculating leases. Kranitz developed a "pro" version for leasing companies but the consumer version proved the most popular.  It was widely recommend by automotive and financial publications but was discontinued around 2004 when Kranitz began to focus on non-automotive web ventures.  Below are some of the recommendations from the LeaseWizard site in 2003.

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